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August 29, 2017

Spotlight of the Week- 8/29

Mike has been working diligently in Taiwan with the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium! They opened their doors in 1990 and boast the longest underwater tunnel in Asia, as well as numerous aquariums showcasing Taiwan’s freshwater and marine biodiversity. Thousands of visitors arrive at the NMMBA each day and marvel at exhibits ranging from a massive sunlit reef aquarium, to intertidal mangrove flats, to an open ocean system housing eagle rays, leopard whiprays, hammerhead sharks and bowhead guitarfish. Adjacent to the public aquarium are animal husbandry and research buildings. The molecular lab is staffed with faculty from National Dong Hwa University and other Taiwanese institutions. Researchers here are working on a diverse array of projects ranging from marine biomedicine to ornamental aquaculture with numerous labs focused on understanding the effects of climate change on Taiwan’s coral reefs.

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